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50CM * 40 CM Large Plant Box - Modulized&Stackable (unit price)



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50CM * 40 CM Large Plant Box - Modulized&Stackable (unit price)

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Large rectangular planting box, suitable for indoor, balcony, courtyard, and yard flowers and vegetable gardening, can be used as a seedbed, single-layer three-compartment box + 2 horizontal boards

Environmentally friendly PP material, not moldy, not corroded, stable and durable, can be used continuously for 10 years.

Large capacity, single box size of 50CM * 40CM, can be freely expanded and combined according to space.

Also attached are 2 side plates, and an additional purchase of 2 upright poles can be dismantled into a single-layer 2-compartment box and a single-layer 1-compartment box, with more flexible combinations.

Large permeability partition board, rapid drainage, and prevent root rot.

Lego-style assembly, easy to assemble, convenient and fast.

Suitable for family flowers and vegetable planting, suitable for balcony, courtyard, yard, and rooftop gardening planting. A tool for transplanting and replanting various flowers and green plants during seasonal changes.

Effective planting depth of 13CM, suitable for shallow-rooted flowers and vegetable planting, suitable for leafy vegetables, onions, garlic, cilantro and other vegetables. double layer 26cm deep

Stable structural design, high-density molecular materials, can withstand dozens of pounds of soil, water and side pressure, and does not expand or crack after years of use

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