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Banana Keeper. Fruit and Snack Storage Container (2 Pack)



Woodbine Corridor
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Banana Keeper. Fruit and Snack Storage Container (2 Pack)

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Product Description:

Banana Case Portable Plastic Banana Protector Guard Container / Banana Saver - Outdoor Travel Case Protector, Cute Storage Box, Yellow .

• Sturdy, easy to open and close
• BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe
• Protects bananas from crushing and premature ripening
• Approximate Size: 8.75 inches long
• Made in Canada
• Breathable, washable
• Small vent design: With the design of air holes on both sides, the Banana Case can keep your bananas fresh, you can also hang it with the hole

Loved these! But selling because I am moving out of the country and need to free up space for my international travel.

CASH AND PICK UP ONLY. Near Woodbine subway station.

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