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Book: 101 Read-Aloud Classics: Ten-Minute Readings



Markham Cathedral
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Book: 101 Read-Aloud Classics: Ten-Minute Readings

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Brand new book; unread

101 Read-Aloud Classics: Ten-Minute Readings from the World's Best-Loved Children's Books

Bought as a present and didn’t end up giving it out many years ago. Recently unwrapped from wrapping paper

Slight creases at bottom of front cover’s exterior cover as pictured.

See details on Amazon: (link hidden according to Karrot's Operational Policy)


I don’t have a car.

Meeting at: Major Mac/Woodbine, Major Mac/16th, Major Mac/Elgin Mills, Markville Mall (rare), Angus Glen CC

Can also meet at an office close by the Latvian Canadian Centre (Eglington/DVP) most weekdays.

Willing to trade for things I need/want such as:

- Dexcom G6 sensors & accessories (e.g. overpatches)
- Zinc (25 OR 50 mg only; must be new)
- Calcium supplement
- Children’s multivites (if you have adult ones, I need to see ingredient list as there’s a mineral I cannot consume)
- Gift cards (Costco, Home depot, Cdn Tire, FreshCo, Food Basics, T&T, Walmart, Tim Hortons, Indigo, ESSO, Sephora, Mastercard)
- Cash - specifically coins or $5 bills (also looking for commemorative coins)

- Brita filters (regular but will consider water bottle filters)
- (New) kitchen supplies (baking supplies, pots, frying pans)
- Air fryer
- Pressure cooker
- Blender
- Silicone baking mat
- Silicone trays (baking & for ice cubes)

- Cleaning supplies (eco-friendly preferred; for bathroom, kitchen, windows)
- Toilet paper & paper towels
- Soak Wash (any)
- Alcohol swabs, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
- Linen tea towels (new; unused)

- Shoe rack

- Toothpaste, toothbrushes
- Reusable shower caps
- Soap bar holder x3 (prefer non-plastic if possible)

- Adjustable sleep eye mask (silk or satin ONLY; extremely picky, esp w/ fabrics/texture)
- Queen sized bed sheets + duvet cover (new/unused only)

- From the beach: Seaglass, gems/crystals, pebbles, smooth round egg/circled shaped pebbles/stones, fossils, driftwood, pottery fragments
- EK Tools Classic Tag Punch (specifically this one)
- Sewing service (to replace an elastic & repair rips)
- Beige, black stockings/black dress socks (XS & new)

- Cream of tartar
- Yeast (can be instant)
- Organic flour (small bags)/bread or all-purpose flour
- Vanilla (real) but will also consider extract if sealed, ube, matcha, peppermint extract (will consider other flavours that have no nuts or cocoa)
- Butter
- Brown sugar
- Flour (any type but whole grain, whole wheat as I cannot intake copper)
- Sea salt (new; prefer Celtic Sea Salt brand)
- Collagen supplements (sealed preferred - need ingredient list

Plants 🪴
- Oxalis triangularis
- String of pearls
- Moonstone succulents
- Blue pearl sedum
- White Princess philodendron
- Philodendron caramel marble
- Triostar
- Piccolo Banda
- Greenovia (e.g. Dodrantalis)
- Birds of Paradise
- Echeveria (All colours: leaves are fine too)
- Aeonium ‘Moonburst’
- Forget me nots
- Camomile
- Tradescantia nanouk & tradescantia zebrina
- Succulents & air plants that I don’t have (let me know what you have!)
- Eucalyptus (most interested in baby blue & gum drop but open to suggestions depending what plant looks like)
- Pink Princess philodendron
- Plants with interesting colours or leaves; e.g. pink or black coloured leaves

Plant accessories 🌱
- Moisture meter
- Flower pots (picky - ceramics; can be handmade; prefer something w/ drainage hole)
- (Homemade) succulent soil (a large ziplock bag will do)
- Perlite
- Orchid bark
- Horticulture charcoal
- Sticky traps/stickyfoot
- Orchid pots (the clear plastic ones)
- Pineapple or a flamingo/bird planter
- Top dressing

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