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Complete Gaming PC Setup

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Up for sale is my complete gaming PC Setup, it's still my daily user and I may let it go for the right price. Over 7 grand was invested into this build.

Being now a father and husband has been keeping me busy, not to mention having another child on the way. I use the pc more for my office work rather then gaming.

I put all of my effort into this project and I can say I've finally completed my dream build but now it's time to let it go.

There is nothing that this PC cannot push at amazing frames in 4k 2k and 1080p. (This was built for 2k gaming and has well over 180 frames at maxed settings on games like call of duty) You can even test it if you like.

These are all high end components and you will most likely not see a build with all top of the line parts. Most are lacking.

This pc has never ever been over clocked on the gpu and processor.

Open to offers and trades. Low balls and garbage offers will not be entertained.

Intel I7 8700k 6 core 12 thread 3.7 GHZ base 4.7 GHZ turbo (never been over clocked) $495.00 after taxes

EVGA RTX 3080TI Graphics card (Never has been over clocked) $2202.00 taxes in

Aorus z370 Gaming 3 Rev 1 motherboard $345.00 after taxes

Corsair H60 $90.00 after taxes

G Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 MHZ 2X8 GB memory sticks $113.00 after taxes

1 TB Samung Evo 860 SSD $226.00 after taxes

4 TB Barracuda Hard-drive (may keep this because my backup data is inside) 113.00 after taxes

10 Corsair LL 120's 465.00 after taxes

Corsair CL lighting node pro 79.00 after taxes.

Lian Li Strimmer 24 pin $130.00 after taxes

Lian Li Strimmer tripple 8 pin $73 dollars taxes in.

Asus PCE AX58BT Bluetooth and WiFi 5.0 $117.00 taxes in.

Gpu stand $22 after tax.

Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL ROG white $371 after taxes.

Corsair Fan controller Commander pro
$100 dollars after tax.

Deep cool fan controller $10 dollars taxes in.

NZXT Internal USB HUB $45.00

EVGA 850 G5 80+ Gold 850 watt 10 year warranty power supple unit $275.00 taxes in.

Over 5200 dollars was spent just on the tower alone.

Other peripherals are another 1882.00 which include..

Logitech Brio 4k Webcam $214.00 after taxes.

Steel series arctis 7 $214.00 after taxes

Sound blaster X Vanguard K08 keyboard over $240.00 taxes in
Logitech Z623 sound system $202.00 taxes in

Logitech G502 Hero high performance wired gaming mouse $57.00 taxes in

Acer XG270HU 2k Resolution - 144 Hertz 1ms response time - WQLED monitor $552.00 taxes in

LG 24GN600 24 inch 144 hertz 1ms response $230.00 taxes in.

Playstation 5 controller $100.00 taxes in

Xbox one controller $73.00 taxes in.

Not to mention my Msi gaming mouse pad the hdmi , display port and usb cables included.

A lot of time and effort went into this build and costed me well over 7 grand. Keep in mind the prices shown are today's rates which is much cheaper when originally purchased.

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