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Earbuds,Bluetooth Earphones

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Wider Compatibility
From mobile phones to tablets and laptops, as long as the device has Bluetooth function, wireless earbuds can be seamlessly paired with the device to play music.

Powerful Bluetooth 5.0
Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip to ensure faster transmission speed and more stable connection with virtually no music dropouts in a range of distance up to 33ft (barrier-free).

Binaural Mode & Mono Mode
Thanks to the advanced master-slave switching technology, you can not only enjoy stereo surround sound in two channels in Binaural mode but also enjoy music alone using either the left or right earphones in Mono mode.

Lightweight & Compact Design
About 88g (two earbuds + charging case), 48*55*28mm, it's so easy to put the compact charging case in a pocket, and you can simply charge on the go and conveniently carry it anywhere to enjoy music.

Hi-Fi Sound & Deep Bass
We are aims to be "loyal to the original sound" to achieve superior sound quality that not only makes it easy for you to hear the midrange and high tones but also the deep bass. With the music of the EA8 earphones accompanying you, you can feel your own strength, thereby overcoming upset and stress.

Waterproof & Sweatproof
The water-resistant design protects the Bluetooth headphones from sweat, small splashes of water, and sudden rain. You can rest assured in sports activities such as running, hiking, yoga, fitness, etc.

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