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Electric Bike NCM Prague (Back Wheel & Motor & Tires Are New)



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Electric Bike NCM Prague (Back Wheel & Motor & Tires Are New)

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Price is negotiable. Cash only.

This bike was new in July, and cost about $1600 at the time (NCM Pragues are currently on sale online for $1,400 with tax). The first owner bought a car and sold the bike to me for $1100. It's only actually been ridden for about 2 months. I went off too many curbs and broke the back axle, so I recently spent $250+ to replace the whole back wheel (the electric motor, the rim tape, the freewheel, the inner tube, and the rotor are all *brand* new).

With the original tires I got 4 flats in 3 weeks, so I replaced them with marathon tires that cost about $80. I added a front mudguard, and changed the hard, narrow seat for a softer one with springs. Including those items, I've spent $300+ on maintenance.

I'm selling because I'm going back to using Bikeshare (less maintenance time and money). I've left the rear brake loose, as it rubs against the back rotor for some reason (I imagine someone with enough knowledge could figure it out, but alas, I am not that person). It's a tall bike, possibly best for a tall person. I don't have the battery key so the battery can't be removed.

- 6 settings on pedal-assist speed boost
- I used it to deliver for Uber Eats, and when I rode it for 5-6 hours on speed 4, I would still have some battery left over when I got home
- pedal-activated speed boost, as well as just pressing a button and it goes without pedalling

Included for free:
- large allen key necessary to tighten the screw connected to the kick-stand
- allen key to tighten / loosen brakes
- a band of 27" rim tape ($3 value)
- a new tube of grease ($10 value)
- freewheel remover tool ($10)
- race quality lubricant ($10)
- forkboost lube ($15)
- two USB-rechargeable lights that flash or stay on ($15)
- 500 mL of Muc-Off drivetrain cleaner ($30)
- charger
- reflective strips on front wheel for safety
- tire remover tool

Preference for people who are willing to pick up on the same day as messaging. Cash only.

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