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For Sale By Artist, Alice In wonderland 3D Wall Art



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For Sale By Artist, Alice In wonderland 3D Wall Art

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This one of a kind 3D mixed media piece of wall art titled "Alice Consumed By Thoughts" is something I spent a good 50+ hours sculpting by hand, painting and attaching 3D objects to. If she looks familiar that's because she's Alice, from Alice In Wonderland. Though this Alice was inspired by a video game created by American McGee titled "Alice: Madness Returns". If you're Gothic and a gamer I highly recommend it!

- Piece is 18x24 inches on stretched canvas and is ready to hang by it's wooden frame.
- All paint was sealed for scratch protection and colour retention
- Plastic gimp string was used to make her streaming tears 3D
- Plastic faux vines line the cracks of the rocks to symobolize that no matter how tough life gets there's always hope for growth and new beginnings
- Comes with hand signed certificate of authenticity.
- 325$ O.B.O.

A little bit about me:
I am Sarah Rice, born and raised in Toronto, a professional artist and the owner of SweetlySinisterArt for over 2 years now. While I'm only 33 I have been creating art since I was about 10 which is 23 years experience (and makes me feel old 😆). Having studied art for as long as I have, I have a wide range of skills including painting, sculpting, costume mask making as well as wood and metal work and create pieces in various styles so there's no telling what will come from my shop next. Mostly my art would suit homes of Gothic and the Halloween obsessed, but I do have some abstract pieces that will surely appeal to most people.

I accept commissions (eg turning a picture from your cell phone into a painting), if curious about hiring me or would like to view my online shop feel free to message me for more info.

Thanks for your interest, to thy own self be true and keep it weird!

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