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Fortnite Account for Sale (179 skins)

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179 skins [PC/PSN/SWITCH] Black Knight , Travis Scott, Galaxy, Ikonik, Omega (Stage 5), Minty, Floss and more | 2090 Vbucks | STW Ultimate Edition (PWL 310) | Full Access

Also, I am the original account owner, and willing to meet up in person for the transaction

- Email is changeable
- PSN and switch linkable, but not to XBOX account
- 2090 v bucks
- STW ultimate edition (PWL 310)
- Battle pass from Season 2 - Chapter 2 Season 4 maxed
- Part of Chapter 2 Season 5 battle pass is unlocked
- Every upgradable style is maxed from season 2 - chapter 2 season 4 except:
-Scratch (is partially corrupted) (chapter 2 season 1)
-Brute (is partially golden) and everything afterward is not maxed (chapter 2 season 2)
-Marvel hero foils and Tony Stark (suit) (chapter 2 season 4)

Everything else such as omega, drift, dire, and Midas (fully golden)... are all fully maxed

- Some of the rare non-battle pass skins
Sub Commander
Blue Team Leader
Blue Striker
Astro Jack
Black Window
Travis Scott
John Wick
Gotham City Set
Psycho Bandit
Rose Team Leader

.... and much more (please refer to photo)

- Lots of rare emotes as well

30 exclusive rare skins (Marvel, DC, Starwars, icons, and so on)
48 legendary skins,
75 epic skins,
24 rare skins,
2 uncommon skins

7 icon emotes,
3 marvel emotes,
1 star wars emote,
21 epic emotes,
55 rare emotes,
34 uncommon emotes

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