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Miscellaneous Electronics and Electrical Items (bx4)



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Miscellaneous Electronics and Electrical Items (bx4)

Electronics & appliances ∙


) Tp -link 300 mpbs Wireless NADSL2 Router

b) Ballistix 8gb(2x4gb) Gaming Memory Kit

c) Weiser Powerbolt 2 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt (some minimal technical work needed)

d)PWR+ HPCQ 18.6V-3.5A Connector and Converter with 12mm Tip

e) Lightning Digital AV Adapter

f) Porta Digital Audio Splitter 1x3 Optical Splitter

g) Skylink Model WA-MT Water Link Sensor

h)Fcast Core Rockchip

i) Nintendo AC Adapter

j) Cablemonsta Cat6 Ethernet Cable

k) Wacom Pen 2K

l) nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter

m) TP-Link 5 Port Desktop Switch

n) Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter for Apple MacBook

o) Cobra Walkie Talkie Charger Cradle GA-CG5

p) Lexel AA Sealed Rechargeable Batteries (6 pack)

q) Bryant Electric RR1512W 2-Gang Recessed TV Connection Outlet Plate with 15 Amp 125v Receptacle

r) Blue Sea Systems 5 Gang Common 100A Mini Busbar

Most items are new and /or in barely used condition.

Selling in singles or you can do bundles for even greater discounts.


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