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Yamaha YT-150 Guitar/Base Auto Tuner🥇



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Yamaha YT-150 Guitar/Base Auto Tuner🥇

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-Tuning for electric guitars and basses (4, 5, or 6 string)
-Built-in microphone for tuning acoustical guitars as well
-Auto mode offering fast tuning by automatically selecting the closest tone programmed in the tuner
-Large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display presenting notes in the exact order as your gear
-In/Out jacks permitting you to insert the tuner between your instrument and the amp without dealing with connections every time

The YT150 from Yamaha is a guitar and bass auto tuner that offers terrific features at an affordable price. The high-resolution LCD lets you quickly check your pitch and make adjustments. LEDs to signal sharp, flat, or in-tune help you tune-up in dark areas or from a distance.

The YT150 can tune any electric, acoustic, or bass guitar with four, five, or six strings, thanks to the built-in microphone and 1/4" input jack. An output jack allows you to connect a pair of headphones for private tuning.

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