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lex121 Eglinton E


lex121's reviews

  • Madeleine
    E End Danforth

    Very friendly people and on time thank you

  • Hai

    the plates were stated as NEW and UNUSED but I think they were USED though looked New. From certain angle, I saw dried water drops on some plates and found other plates were sticky. I was not sure if the stickiness was the result of exposing the plates as supposed to keeping them inside their boxes or bags.

  • Ellie
    Eglinton E

    he was super nice, even met me where I was and brought me a box of pods for the machine. he even let me go in the doors to try the plug! it's refreshing to have things go well thanks man 5 🌟

  • Ellie
    Eglinton E

    Lex was on time, Items were brand new, and otvwas a very good meet! I recommended him to anyone!!