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Polly Anna Church Yonge Corridor

Polly Anna

Polly Anna's reviews

  • Alana
    East Chinatown

    Anna, she's loving lady and friendly, even though I'm a bit late and she doesn't mind to come back ☺️

  • Favored J A
    N St. James Town

    Great 👍 👌 Delivery she was kind and friendly 😀 👍

  • OdieC
    Church Yonge Corridor

    Very friendly and flexible, easy going, smooth and quick transaction, enjoy!

  • olu
    Moss Park

    the seller was friendly and highly flexible cooperative and cimunicative

  • AJ
    Thorncliffe Park

    very pleasant person to deal with. will recommend to everyone. Thanks.

  • Nat
    Garden District

    Great seller! I recommend!

  • Kydo
    N St. James Town

    Ma’am Polly is very kind, generous and gave me more freebies. Very recommended!

  • Kydo
    N St. James Town

    Thank you so much ma’am! You’re so kind and generous🥰 Keep it up.

  • Allen
    Blake Jones

    All good , very pleasant person. Thanks.

  • Jed
    N St. James Town

    thank you.

  • ziyyah
    Old Toronto


  • Torontonianhater
    Broadview N

    Thanks for picking up on time.