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Mel's reviews

  • margaret l

    polite and quick responses:)

  • sam

    she was so kind enough to go out looking for me, what a kind soul, hope she has amazing weekend

  • Ana
    Church and Wellesley

    Super nice and understanding!! Tysm ☺️

  • Marilyn
    Alexandra Park

    It was a really easy and smooth drop off! She was really friendly and was a pleasure to meet :)

  • Susana

    Thank you very much 💐🌹

  • Susana

    Thank you very much 💐🌹

  • Mia
    Bay Street Corridor

    Mel is nice! Her items are clean and in good condition. 😊

  • Ellie

    Super friendly seller. Thank you ☺️

  • Milana

    Mel was polite, friendly and understanding :) I recommend buying from her

  • Lauren
    High Park N

    Super friendly and quick to respond. On time to meet up. Thanks! :)

  • Drani
    Bloor Annex

    Thanks for the great stuff Mel!!

  • Drani
    Bloor Annex

    Thank you Mel!!

  • Mathea

    Mel is very effective at communicating, and is very polite! I would recommend dealing with her to anyone.

  • Saba
    South Hill

    It was lovely to meet you Mel! :) Everything went smoothly, thank you!

  • Waymer
    Willowdale W

    Mel was very accommodating and patient with scheduling. Great communication and pleasure to transact with.

  • Annie
    Pleasant View

    Such a kind and pretty person, answers promptly, is easy to meet up with, so many great products I can't wait to use! Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day ☺️

  • Nicki
    Bayview Village

    Very punctual and responsive.

  • Yulia
    Bayview Village

    It was really nice meeting you Mel and thank you for being flexible and accommodating with the meet up. Hope you enjoy this rare spring-like weather in Feb 😊🧣.